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Major Tech Trends of 2013 and how they shaped the Technology Ecosystem in Nigeria

According to an article published on Techtrendsng, the year started on a very high note and we anticipated that it would be a great year for technology development in Nigeria. Several Tech events took place which brought about some level of awareness in global tech trends and also paved way for projections into 2014.

The major Tech Trends of 2013 that did motivate great change in Nigeria’s tech scene are based on Increased eCommerce adoption, several Broadband development plans by government, Big Data and Cloud Computing Awareness and implementation, Increased Digital Marketing, Adoption of Social Commerce, increased Mobile penetration and  in the use of smart phones, increased number of Startups, Support for App Development initiatives.

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Tech startups in Africa and what works

Portland Communications released some data from research carried to find out about the usage of Twitter in Africa. The report was received quite well and received some notable attention across the web. Much of what has been written has looked mostly at just the implications of the research on primarily social media and it’s use and growth in Africa. Some of the insights from this research can be used to shed light on the subject of tech startups in Africa and what works.

According to the report, South Africa is the continent’s most active country by volume of geo-located Tweets, with over twice as many Tweets (5,030,226 during Q4 2011) as the next most active Kenya (2,476,800) and third comes Nigeria at 1,646,212 tweets. This continues to give credence to the idea that these three are the countries to watch as far as technology and innovation in Africa go.

The report indicates that 60% of Africa’s tweeters are between the ages of 20 and 29. According to the 2011 Africa Youth Report compiled by the Economic Commission for Africa:The majority of Africa’s population is below the age of 30… Young Africans are the key to an African renaissance and will remain players in and advocates of social transformation and development in many spheres. The enormous benefits young people can contribute are realized when investment is made in young people’s education, employment,health care, empowerment and effective civil participation.

Finally, the Portland Communications research indicates that close to 60% of tweets from Africa are sent via mobile phone. Now, the amazing link between Africa and the mobile platform is not a new subject but one that deserves mention over and over again. The simple fact is that the mobile device will remain the most powerful platform to reach the mass market in Africa for some time to come.

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Building a tech-focused continent: 9 of Africa’s innovation hubs

Innovation, mobile, tech and startups. These are Africa’s buzzwords. A continent that arrived late to the web revolution, Africa is catching up fast and leading the way in some aspects.

The continent is working overtime to build and create products, services and businesses that can rival that of the developed world. It is no longer the dark continent. According to a Daily Beast report, Africa is being heralded as the “new Asia” and the “home of the next Google”.

“Compared to dismal rates in the rest of the world, Africa’s growth is exceptional,” Gustavo Galindo, a portfolio manager with Russell Investments is quoted in the Daily Beast as saying. “It surprises me many US investors don’t realize the opportunities this creates, with some African stocks gaining 15% to 20% returns.”
That surprise is echoed in Africa, where young entrepreneurs are building products that not only solve African problems but can scale as well. In spite of lack of investor interest, the continent thrives and that is to a great degree thanks to tech hubs and co-creation spaces popping up with the aim of fostering innovation and technological growth.
Here are nine innovation hubs and co-creation spaces that are doing their bit to champion the African tech boom.

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