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127 digital hubs will boost high-quality teaching and learning in Africa

Over half a million teachers and learners in nine countries in Sub-Africa are set to experience a step change in access to digital educational resources in their schools. British council and Bharti Airtel have joined forces to maximize the learning benefits of Bharti Airtel’s wider broadband connective of 5 GB per month in a three-year deal for 127 digital hubs located in schools across nine countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Kenya’s iHub To Develop Technology Sector

Accoring to an article published on VENTURES AFRICA, Nairobi has seen the rise of Kenya’s first tech hub, iHub as series of investments have been initiated to promote the development of Kenya’s technology sector.
The iHub offers free internet access and specialist forums for entrepreneurs and promotes the innovation-intensive industries. Kenya’s tech hub, which was funded by Hivos and Omidyar Network, has been expanding continuously, becoming a benchmark for tech hubs in Africa.

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Why do we develop higher education hubs around the world? Let's find out the benefits!

Katherine Forestier and Yojana Sharma wrote an interesting article in Issue No:262 of University World News about the planning and investment devoted to developing higher education hubs around the world and the reasons that drive host countries to set up areas that can attract foreign branch campuses.

Among the key motivations are to internationalise and modernise the higher education sector in the host country, develop a skilled workforce and retain students, attract foreign direct investment and increase the country’s economic competitiveness, and enhance geopolitical status using soft power, according to Jane Knight, adjunct professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, at the University of Toronto.

Hubs can be classified into three types: those that want to attract international students; talent development; and knowledge and innovation.

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Kenya: Intel and Ihub to Support Mobile APP Development in Africa Through Tech Hubs

Intel has entered into an agreement with business incubator iHub to foster and grow the developer community in Africa through targeted investments in mobile app development, online developer resources, university training programs, device seeding programs and expansion of technology hubs.
iHub catalyzes the tech community in Kenya and has evolvedinto a space with over 10,000 members. The model set by iHub has been used to start more than 30 other techhubs across Africa, and enjoys a leadership role in the continent due to itssize and relationship with the other hubs. Being a tech space, iHub is able to offer thought leadership in areas ofmobile technology and its use.

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Building a tech-focused continent: 9 of Africa’s innovation hubs

Innovation, mobile, tech and startups. These are Africa’s buzzwords. A continent that arrived late to the web revolution, Africa is catching up fast and leading the way in some aspects.

The continent is working overtime to build and create products, services and businesses that can rival that of the developed world. It is no longer the dark continent. According to a Daily Beast report, Africa is being heralded as the “new Asia” and the “home of the next Google”.

“Compared to dismal rates in the rest of the world, Africa’s growth is exceptional,” Gustavo Galindo, a portfolio manager with Russell Investments is quoted in the Daily Beast as saying. “It surprises me many US investors don’t realize the opportunities this creates, with some African stocks gaining 15% to 20% returns.”
That surprise is echoed in Africa, where young entrepreneurs are building products that not only solve African problems but can scale as well. In spite of lack of investor interest, the continent thrives and that is to a great degree thanks to tech hubs and co-creation spaces popping up with the aim of fostering innovation and technological growth.
Here are nine innovation hubs and co-creation spaces that are doing their bit to champion the African tech boom.

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