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Africa Demos Forum, an online network of democracy and policy analysts to promote growth, democracy and security in Africa

Richard Joseph, the John Evans Professor of International History and Politics at Northwestern and founder of the forum, has advised President Barack Obama and former President Jimmy Carter on U.S.-Africa policy. He hopes the forum will help inform and inspire Obama to be more proactive on Africa. The initiative is well timed in advance of the president’s upcoming trip to Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania.

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ICTAfrica: new portal launched to enable African ICT experts come home

According to, a new portal, called ICTAfrica, has been launched to enable African ICT experts in the Diaspora to get jobs in the continent.

The portal lists existing job opportunities which African in the Diaspora can apply for. The portal aims to reverse the brain drain witnessed in Africa, where the best professionals opt to work in developed countries due to better pay.

One other problem ICTAfrica has found is the difficulty in getting suitable ICT experts for certain jobs in Africa. Professionals working in ICT-developed countries would have more exposure in new technology.

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