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Botswanan government encourages e-payments

The government of Botswana plans to boost e-payments in the country through implementing electronic transfers (EFTs) as the preferred payment method between government departments.
The government believes EFTs are fast, secure and convenient, and suppliers should be encouraged to utilise the system.

Furthermore, it is planning to replace manual purchase orders with system-generated forms. This forms part of the Government Accounting and Budgeted System (GABS), which was implemented in 2004.

The GABS system is believed by officials in Botswana to provide a more effective method for managing budgets, controlling spending, recording revenue collections and expenditures and providing relevant and accurate online information on government ministries.

The Ministry of Finance is currently in the process of working on a database of suppliers and individuals the government often makes payments to via the GABS system.

Originally published by Brandon Gregory on March 13, 2013

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