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Botswana Speaks Parliamentary Initiative Newsletter Issue No.5, December 2013 - check it out!

Read the full version of the fifth issue here and find out all project news and upcoming events!


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Paving the Way Towards Better Constituency Services in Botswana. Read our newsletter!

Welcome to the fourth issue of the Botswana Speaks Parliamentary Initiative newsletter! These past months have been very productive for the Botswana Speaks project, as well as rewarding.

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Botswana Speaks Parliamentary Initiative proudly presents its 3rd Newsletter Issue!

The Botswana Speaks Parliamentary Initiative is now running its pilot phase and all Batswana are invited to sign up, to view ongoing polls, to discuss and debate issues that concern them!

These past months have been very fruitful for the project. Among other activities undertaken, the initiative was successfully presented in various international conferences in Africa, United States and Europe and a lot of interest and visibility was raised. Concurrently, meetings with local authorities in the four pilot constituencies were on focus during this period as a way to raise awareness about the launch of the pilot phase. Media outlets in Botswana like Mmegi and Daily News covered the launch of the pilot phase and qualified Botswana Speaks as an interactive platform that leads to better constituency services.

Enjoy our newsletter issue and get updated on the project’s news, upcoming events and other relevant news! Stay always abreast of the project’s news by following us on social media!

The latest issue is available here

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1st Botswana Speaks Parliamentary Initiative Newsletter Issue – posted on ePractice blog!

Botswana Speaks Parliamentary Initiative released its 1st Newsletter Issue.
A relevant post has been uploaded on ePractice blog – find it out here.

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1st Botswana Speaks Parliamentary Initiative Newsletter Issue – just released!

The 1st Botswana Speaks Parliamentary Initiative Newsletter Issue is just released including a lot of project news, relevant news to the project as well as various, interesting upcoming events.
Find out it here and enjoy reading!
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