What lies ahead for business and IT in 2014?

Theo Priestley, Software AG’s Chief Evangelist writes an opinion in ITNewsAfrica.com about what lies ahead for business and IT in 2014. Theo Priestley, Software AG’s Chief Evangelist, delves into the murky depths of the current trends and pick three that will shape organizations for the next 12 months…but with one underlying theme…DATA

Expect big things from Big Data

The first is that Big Data and Analytics will finally deliver on their promises. There has been a lot of talk for years about them but it’s now being understood as one of the key drivers of competitive differentiation. I say one of the key drivers for a reason because (a) without a way to access that information instantly (in-memory computing), (b) without the analytics to extract the value (real-time events processing), and (c) without taking action on that resultant insight (right-time intelligent decisions) then all you have is data.

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