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University of Botswana seeks beneficial partnerships

Accoridng to an article on Daily News, the University of Botswana (UB) is looking for meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships to strengthen its growth.
UB Vice Chancellor, Professor Thabo Fako said this on April 16 at a meeting with eight universities from the US stating that the university staff, like students, needed exposure on exchange programmes.
He noted that they needed to be the ambassadors for their universities whilst undergoing the programme and at the same time benchmarking. Eight universities spanning from engineering, business to enterprenuership, online education among others were in Botswana to engage with local universities to see how they could form partnerships.

The associate professor and director of international education, Prof. Leapetswe Malete stated that UB had about 112 agreements with other universities and only 75 of them were active.
Prof Malete said they were looking at developing the faculty of engineering and also hoping to have a partnership with such universities as Toledo.
Prof Fako and Prof Malete were responding to a question from Prof Thomas Gutteridge of the University of Toledo, who had asked the university management to state if they intended to have effective partnerships or sign agreements that would be ineffective.
Prof Gutteridge said the partnership had to be sustainable in financial terms and have meaningful agreements. In addition, Prof Horace Fletcher of the University of West Indies expressed concern about UB’s low enrollment at the faculty of science and technology, which stood at four per cent.
He said they would like to know how they could help train post graduates and staff saying they had already trained many doctors from Botswana. In response, Prof Fako said they were still in a process of recruiting for the science faculty, as it was still growing. 

Original article

Source : BOPA
Author : Thandy Tebogo
Location : GABORONE
Event : Education mission
Date : Apr 17 Wed,2013

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