South Africa: The Convergence of Media, Marketing and Technology

As technology becomes more prolific and embedded in our lives, it provides for newfound ways in which we connect with each other and the brands we love.

It also has a disruptive effect on old business models, causing waves of business consolidation and innovation. This holds truer than ever for the marketing industry as brands have a plethora of options to authentically connect with their customers in the digital space.

The clear lines between media, marketing and technology have blurred as brands mix them together to create authentic customer experiences through creative campaigns. Here are some of my predictions for 2014.

Big data, bigger insights

The exponential rise of data being collected about everything we do online can be unsettling, but is a powerful source of insight for companies. While big data is not yet the Holy Grail it's been touted to be, brands are now investing in technology and resources that can glean better insights from this data.

This data will lead the way into an era of hyper-personalisation, where each consumer's experience of the brand is tailored to their interests and behaviour. We are already seeing this in the form of online advertising and content tailored to our interests and location, but this is simply the beginning.

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