South Africa: Devices in Schools - How a South African School Uses Tablets

Mark Elkins describes his experience visiting the Sunward Park High School, Sonskyn Rd, Sunward Park, Boksburg (Johannesburg). The school has recently embarked on a one tablet per child project.

The School is an old Model-C school. Teachers are generally white or Indian and the learners are about 90 percent black. It is by no means a rich school. There are about 1250 children - excluding the matric learners (matric learners are those students in their final high school year before joining university). There are three double storey blocks of classrooms and a further block which houses administration and a school hall. Classes are usually just under 40 learners.This school has achieved some interesting goals. They have a very active soccer program with an on-site dormitory for 20 or so learners.

Towards the end of last year, a plan was formulated by a businessman to provide a WiFi access point in every classroom and to provide every learner with either a 7 inch or 10 inch Android tablet. There was initial headmistress and staff buy-in followed by parent buy-in to the project. The WiFi units are switched back to a central server via UTP copper cable. The Server provides the content. There is a localised e-mail server. A Firewall connects just the staff to the public Internet.

Mark Elkins explains in detail what he experienced in this school and conludes that the "experiment" has only been running for three months but the results so far look very promising.

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