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Rwanda: Technology and Its Amazing Changes in Our Lives

Does anyone know what happened to letter writing, telegraphs and fax mail, as means of long distance communication? Remember that time when the post office was the only place the whole town converged to communicate? What about the dependency on pagers for texting and a walkman for music?

According to an article published on, technology has been experiencing rapid change in recent years; gadgets have gotten smaller, more powerful, and more efficient. They are everywhere and play increasingly greater roles in the lives of almost everyone. Rwandans have not been spared.

Augustine Majyambere, a resident of Nyabugogo and a book fan, no longer visits book shops and libraries.

"With Kindle, I can buy thousands of books at a lower cost online or simply download free versions, so there is no point in going to a library or a similar place anymore."

He adds that since the device is connected to the internet, he no longer finds it necessary to visit internet cafes either.

"At a subscription of only Rwf 18,000 a month, I can download any video or access any website any time, so why waste time walking to a café to spend Rwf100 every 15minutes," he asks.

Philip Murenzi shares that he did his masters degree for a year online, using his iPad.

"I applied, paid fees and would receive and submit assignments using the same module."


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