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Mobile data is ‘black gold’

According to an article published on BizTechAfrica, digital trends specialist Tomi Ahonen believes mobile data is the black gold of 21st century, and it remains the next sure frontier for companies.

Speaking on Wednesday at the ongoing Mobile East Africa 2014 conference in Nairobi, Ahonen, who is an author and mobile and digital trends specialist and consultant, called on app developers to leverage on mobile platforms to offer solutions.

He said that the mobile industry will be worth 6 trillion dollars this year and developers, companies need to take this opportunity and use it.

He argued that the Internet made traditional media lose revenue but the "the media has opportunity to make money from mobile," he said.

The Motivational speaker on mobile, a former Nokia executive and lectures at Oxford University, said the rising prominence of mobile phones has made it a necessary gadget that service providers must think round.

He said Africa is a fertile ground for business that target mobile platforms citing the success story of M-PESA, the Safaricom mobile money platform and the fact that even the illiterate masses own mobile phones.

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