Listen to an interview about Botswana Speaks Parliamentary Initiative

Botswana, like many African countries, has a strong history of traditional tribal leadership and administration. Kheira Belkacem from the eGovlab at the University of Stockholm is leading the Botswana Speaks project to enable citizens, traditional leaders and local kgotla assemblies in four constituencies of Botswana to use digital tools to share their views and policy concerns with their elected representatives. Gov 2.0 Radio has just released the interview with her, it’s now live at as well as featured on Gov 2.0 Radio homepage at

Gov 2.0 Radio has been called “the podcast of a movement.” Founded in early 2009 by Adriel Hampton in San Francisco – supported by Steve Ressler, GovLoop founder – it has quietly grown to be one of the preeminent Internet sources on all things “connected government”… e-gov, gov 2.0 and open gov.

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