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IT engineers, Students, Researchers, Users, Providers...the third version of iMENTORS is for You


iMENTORS, that begun in April 2012 by Stockholm UniversityandGov2u, launched version three in December 2013 and is one step closer to mapping the majority of e-infrastructure (resources, tools and data supporting community research and development) of the past five years in Sub-Saharan Africa in order to lay a foundation for better services, encourage research and connect cross-continental progress.


iMENTORS’ Research Infrastructures (RIs) database is  the first centralised portal of all high level  research facilities and information sources in Africa or hosted elsewhere but focusing on Africa.

During the last recording period, a total of 1398 new organizations and 413 new projects were added to the database, an increase over the last recording period of approximately 67% and 290%, respectively.  In addition, 330 research infrastructures were recorded- a brand new category of information has now been uploaded and available for search in the iMENTORS database. 

 “New data is entered into iMENTORS’ interactive map each week. By the end of the project our interactive system will contain at least 80% of all e-infrastructure available in Africa.  The second component of the Decision Support System (‘what if’ analyses) is ready for the third version of the platform and submarine cables and terrestrial networks have been added to the map. The past few months the collection of data for the iMENTORS database focused on optimizing a method for recording these last-mile terrestrial networks, many of which are on-going projects,” Louis Papaemmanuel, Director of the iMENTORS project.

Take a look at the map and register your organization!

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