ICT Business Breakfast 2013, 16 July 2013

The Business Intelligence software market place is flooded with messaging from vendors saying they can provide analytical platforms and access to information faster, better, easier, and cheaper. This is true in many ways due to the many changes and advancements in technology.

But even with all of these shifts and advancements in technology, many companies are still left out because of the fact that it is difficult to sift through all of the solutions available to determine where real value will lie. The value being actual results- whether they be the ability to lessen wasteful spending by targeting customer needs better, lowering the number of customers who cut ties with the company or business, identifying issues before they become problems, or increasing profit margins.

Therefore, it is justifiable that companies seek the education and tools to develop their own expectations surrounding time to value.

This Business Intelligence breakfast is an ideal platform which will bring together top IT executives to discuss the current and future trends of Business Intelligence.

Designed for IT executives, this invitation only event is a great opportunity for networking and sharing ideas.

Find more about the speakers and get registered at: http://itnewsafrica.com/breakfast/register1.htm

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