Consider this before investing in a start-up

Much has been written about the growth of Africa’s technology-focused startup business ecosystem. In strong emerging markets like Kenya, stakeholders – including venture capitalists, angel investors and multinationals, are continuing with efforts to further entrench the country’s ‘Silicon Savannah’.

In October 2013, at Intel Capital’s annual CEO Summit, discussion over establishing a startup venture and exposure to capital resulted in the point being made that companies that disrupt something in the market or create something truly unique appeal to potential investors.

ITNewsAfrica has previously published a list of the top reasons why African tech startups struggle, which covered details of the realities facing these startup ventures. We also published a list focused on setting up a viable venture in the first place and what may be perceived as being a non-entity before it has actually begun to operate.

Now we move the focus away from the startup venture itself and look closer at what potential investors should bear in mind before they seriously consider investing.

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