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Botswana: Focus on pragmatic innovation - Boshwaen

According to an article published on Daily News, innovation should be understood as the dissemination of something new in the local context and not as something new in absolute terms, says the Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr Alan Boshwaen.

Speaking at BIH stakeholder engagement seminar in Francistown August 22, Mr Boshwaen noted that, while economically advanced countries naturally work at the cutting edge of the technology frontier, developing countries have considerable opportunities for tapping into global knowledge and technology for dissemination in their local context.

“As a country, we must focus on pragmatic innovation, which will bring out relevant and innovative solutions to the real life challenges facing us,” he nsaid.   

As result, BIH has forged partnerships with leading businesses and institutions to put in place specialised innovation support programmes meant to assist their ideas into the marketplace, he further said.

In addition to providing support to innovators, he mentioned that they realised it was crucial to have a supporting regulatory framework.

This is because in that way, they will help grow talent base to drive innovation forward while at the same time creating a friendly environment for innovators to have access to finance in order for their projects to take off.

Furthermore, Mr Boshwaen stated that BIH focuses on sectors such as Information and Communication Technology (ICT), biotechnology and cleaning technology as well as mining technologies.

He said these sectors have strong positive linkages to the economy and they believe they can offer future solutions in curbing some of the country’s pervasive challenges such as drought, diseases, inadequate energy sources and unemployment.

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Source : BOPA
Author : Goitsemodimo Williams

Location : Francistown
Event : Stakeholders meeting

Date : Aug 25 Sun,2013

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