You come from Nata/Gweta, Boteti North, Maun West or South East South?

Use U-Speak to share an issue, an opinion or request information to your Member of Parliament. You can either submit an issue on the online platform or send it via SMS!

Botswana Speaks gives a chance to Members of Parliament from those four constituencies to receive input and to reply directly to you via the online platform or via SMS!

Constituency meetings are organised as part of the project in villages in Nata/Gweta, Boteti North, Maun West and South East South to discuss issues that concern you and that you want to share with your Member of Parliament. Find out when is the next constituency meetings close to you here.

You come from another constituency?

You can also be part of Botswana Speaks! Use Speak4Yourself to discuss, debate issues and legislation that is currently discussed in the Parliament. All Members of Parliament can participate to these debates and receive input from you!

Make your voice heard!

Botswana Speaks strengthens citizens' voices and at the same time assists elected officials become more efficient and lead transparent institutions by:

  • Offering citizens and civil society the opportunity to participate individually and collectively in a highly democratic process, keeping their security and privacy uncompromised.
  • Bringing the optimum of new technologies and best practices to serve the society and keep everyone up to date with what is currently cool in this ever-changing field. 

We invite you to join us, support our work and make a difference!

The inspiration

Botswana has experienced remarkable levels of political stability and economic development, in a region not normally associated with growth and good governance. Widely praised for its long established practice of popular consultation and levels of social cohesion, Botswana's case constitutes a prime example of the way in which traditional structures can be successfully integrated within contemporary administrative structures.

Chiefs and tribal administrations still carry considerable power, legitimacy and sovereignty in many African countries and participate in every aspect of local governments. This project is strongly inspired by local consultation practices and welcomes local authorities' participation into the project.

Financial allowances for consultation missions have put a strain on the interaction between Members of Parliaments and their constituents. Botswana Speaks offers a tool that can be used by citizens to express policy preferences and provide feedback to policy implementation instantly and at minimal costs.

We strongly believe that cost-efficient ICT eParticipation tools would be beneficial in closing the communication gap between Members of Parliament and citizens.

The people bringing the vision to life

With the collaboration of Business Sweden


Botswana Speaks is co-funded by the Parliament of Botswana, Stockholm University and GOV2U and by SIDA

The funds behind the project

The Botswana Speaks Parliamentary Initiative is co-funded by the Parliament of Botswana, the University of Stockholm and Gov2u in addition to the funding provided by  SIDA.

How long is the project running?

The project runs for a period of 18 months starting September 2012.

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