Our Project

We will build a living lab and a science park in the Okavango Delta in Botswana to study co-existence of people, technology and environment with the ultimate goal of improving sustainable living in Africa.

We will create the right conditions where technology and environment co-exist. Working with a distinguished group of scientists, policy makers, social entrepreneurs and civil society, we will develop the blueprint to study and understand sustainable living in the Okavango Delta.




We will develop a test habitat of 50 connected and aware homes - a system in which environment, animals, machines, humans and applications address challenges that focus on:



Develop new systems, methods and education on collective preservation, including health, governance and sustainable communities;



Focus on IOT and Artificial Intelligence based community food production (with micro-farming), clean water, sanitation, renewable energy and smart monitoring systems. Everything connected to everything!



Foster an ecosystem that leaves a close to zero environmental footprint. Collect data, monitor and adjust decisions based on human impact to the ecosystem.

We will develop economically sustainable technologies for spin-offs that will be accelerated and established in a planned business innovation hub.

Utilizing the knowledge from the human exploration programmes and technological advancements, we will tackle current challenges and within our lab environment we will study and invent sustainable and resilient habitats on earth.

Within our living lab, we will work together with African educational and research institutions to build prototypes and models for immediate spin-offs in Africa. This will have an immediate economic impact on the way Africa is addressing current development challenges and as a result business within the continent can address the internal African market and expand throughout the developing and developed world.

The project has been granted 250 hectares for 50 years in the Okavango Delta as a local tribal grant.





The core team consists of a number of business, distinguished international researchers and experts in the area of technology, sensors, governance, environmental engineering, health, education, agriculture, decision theory, and energy with the aim to solve the global problem of sustainable communities in Africa through technology. ecolaB | emu has evolved into the only global platform, which will be established in Africa’s last Eden – the Okavango Delta.

The supporting partners include



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